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Estate Planning South Carolina
An attorney discussing Estate Planning in South Carolina with an elderly couple

Future Proof Your Savings with Estate Planning in South Carolina

As we go throughout our lives, we never know what the future has in store. Sometimes you get a promotion at work, or you have a surprise visit from a relative. And while life is full of pleasant little surprises, not everything is happy. Illness or injury can spring itself upon us suddenly, and there can be little done to stop it. In the worst-case scenarios, we succumb to such unfortunate events. So, it’s essential to be prepared for anything. Thus, estate planning in South Carolina is crucial for you and your family, and Buxton & Collie LLC can help.

Our team of incredibly experienced and knowledgeable attorneys knows the ins and outs of estate planning. We’ve assisted clients with getting their affairs in order since 2010, and have only gotten better at what we do. Planning for what happens after your passing isn’t the most exciting prospect for anyone, but it is incredibly important to have a plan in place for your family. Our only goal is to ensure the happiness and wellness of you and your loved ones.

What Does Estate Planning Do?

You might be thinking, “why do I need estate planning?” Truthfully, estate planning used to be something only done by the rich and famous for ensuring wealth stayed in the family. Today, however, estate planning can be for everyone.

  • Create a Plan of Action
    • Estate planning is all about establishing a plan after your death (hence the name). And before you ask why you should need a plan for after your death, estate planning isn’t meant to benefit you, but the loved ones you may leave behind. Through a last will and testament, you can determine who gets what of your wealth and belongings. Otherwise, the alternative is to let probate happen and give the state control over your estate.
  • Protect Those You Love
    • If your number one fear is what will happen to your family after your passing, estate planning is necessary. Without state planning, the state government and IRS may take advantage of what you leave behind and not give your loved ones any say in the matter. Conversely, estate planning allows you to prevent heavy taxes from affecting your assets and ensures your children are taken care of by the person you trust the most.
  • Entrust Your Wellbeing to Others
    • Estate planning not only addresses what happens after your passing but delves into what happens if you are no longer able to make the best decisions for yourself. In what’s called power of attorney, you assign a person you most trust to make decisions regarding your health and finances. Such scenarios only occur if you are still alive but unresponsive or lack the cognitive awareness to make appropriate decisions for yourself.
A completed will as part of Estate Planning in South Carolina

A Quick Response to Your Legal Woes

Dealing with estate planning in South Carolina can be a draining enough process. However, Buxton & Collie wants you to know that we can assist with various other legal issues outside of planning for the end of your life. We help individuals and businesses with legal matters, including:

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