Dental Law
Dental Law

Dental Law

Our firm’s attorneys have represented dental professionals in dental law for Mt Pleasant SC, practice sales and acquisitions for over 15 years. Entity planning, formation, corporate governance, finance agreements, contract negotiation, and due diligence review are just a few of the services we offer buyers part of the acquisition, whether for a total practice acquisition or a partial buy-in for a partnership. The sale of a dental practice is your chance to monetize the equity you have built during your career. Our firm works regularly with a team of accountants, real estate and other dental service providers to assist you in maximizing your value in the exit transaction.

In addition, we provide counsel for dental law in Mt Pleasant SC regarding:

  • Associate Agreements – Our firm provides consultative contract reviews and negotiations for associate agreements to align with your practice goals.
  • Post-Sale Provider Agreements – Perhaps the most critical contract in a dental practice acquisition, our attorneys can craft a properly incentivized Post-Sale Provider Agreement for your practice to help ensure a smooth transition in ownership.
  • Lease Negotiations – The numbers within a lease have a long-term effect on your practice cash flow. Being able to contract for the appropriate tenant improvements, build-outs, renewal options or even an option to purchase can add or subtract significant value to your practice equity at the end of the lease term. Our attorneys make sure your lease reflects the needs of your practice.
  • Real Estate Acquisition – Perhaps the most significant way for a dental practice to capture additional value for its owners is to operate the practice on owner-occupied real estate. Our firm negotiates and closes hundreds of real estate transactions each year and can assist you.
  • Entity Formation – Making a proper tax election and ensuring you receive proper notifications are crucial at the outset of the formation process, and our firm can assist to make sure you start your new entity on the right footing.