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Trust Attorney Mt. Pleasant SC
A Trust Attorney in Mt. Pleasant SC discussing estate planning options with clients

Protect Your Assets with a Trust Attorney for Mt. Pleasant SC

As you want your assets to be appropriately divided and your family taken care of, the first thought is to have a will written up. And while a simple will can provide some guidance for guardianship and the division of individual items, it’s not the best method if you’re looking to keep probate out of your estate as much as possible. Throughout your estate planning, you may decide to consider a trust. And with help from a trust attorney for Mt. Pleasant SC, you can make sure beneficiaries benefit after your passing. Call Buxton & Collie today for more.

The Advantages of Trusts

While wills and trusts each have their benefits, a trust can give you the most control over your assets while avoiding the probate process as much as possible. Here are a few of the advantages of starting a trust:

  • Greater Protection
    • If you fear there will be legal action against you and your estate upon your passing, a trust can give you greater protection than a will can. Wills must typically still go through probate to be verified. And by putting wills into the public record, they’re easier to challenge for someone who might disagree. However, a trust is privately set up and enacted, thus more contest-resistant.
  • Further Specificity
    • If you’re concerned about whether your assets will be allocated according to your desires, consider establishing conditions through a trust. You can more precisely target what assets go to who and under what circumstances they can be released. For example, you can leave a large portion of your wealth to your children but only make it accessible upon them reaching adulthood.
  • Eliminating Extra Costs
    • While establishing a trust and other estate planning will cost more than setting up a will, it will benefit your family in the long run. In the case of property transfers, trusts can help you avoid or reduce estate taxes. Additionally, by cutting out the probate process through trusts, you won’t have to pay the fees associated with probate. Or, while your trust is active, you can make tax-free monetary gifts from your estate that lower your tax liability.
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