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Home Purchase Attorney James Island SC
Home Purchase Attorney James Island SC

Support Your Property Sale with a Home Purchase Attorney for James Island SC

Buying a house or commercial space takes more than signing a few papers and being handed the keys. The real estate transaction process is legally binding, meaning an attorney must be involved with the final proceedings. Thus, finding the right home purchase attorney for James Island SC is crucial to completing a successful real estate transaction. Thankfully, you can count on Buxton & Collie, LLC for legal support.

The Final Steps of a Property Closing

If working closely with your real estate attorney, wrapping up your property sale or purchase should go smoothly, with just a few important steps. Here’s what the process entails as we finalize your real estate transaction:

  1. Receive Your Contract – Whether the buyer or seller, a contract and documents will be drawn up for you to review as you enter the final negotiation phase. Working with your attorney, we will ensure your side of a deal is represented, and you understand the terms mentioned in the contract.
  2. Title Search & Insurance – To make sure nothing is wrong with the property being purchased, your home purchase attorney for James Island SC will perform a title search. A title search evaluates a piece of property’s history and uncovers issues such as liens or unpaid property taxes. Once the property is free of problems, title insurance is recommended to instill confidence in lenders.
  3. Review Documents – A final check of your contract and documents is performed before closing day. Your attorney will make sure there are no problems or errors in any paperwork and give the go-ahead for the sale to move forward.
  4. Closing Day – Once closing day hits, your attorney will act as a third party to the day’s proceedings. We oversee the signing of contracts, shaking hands and exchanging funds (bills, seller’s funds, commission) as the sale is completed.
  5. Finalization – Last but not least, your attorney takes all recorded documentation, checks it over one last time for errors, and submits it to the appropriate public records. Once this is done, your real estate transaction is official!
Home Purchase Attorney James Island SC

Serving Your Additional Legal Needs

If you require more than a real estate attorney, Buxton & Collie has your back. We serve James Island, Charleston, Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding communities with additional legal services. For example, our practices include:

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