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Protect Your Real Estate Sale with a Title Attorney for James Island SC

With as much that goes into a real estate transaction, it can be easy to overlook mistakes or red flags if you’re not careful. As much as we’d like to believe everything is taken care of for the property being sold or purchased, unforeseen issues can impact the final sale or your future finances. Conversely, with a title attorney for James Island SC, you can uncover problems before they impact your transaction. Allow Buxton & Collie, LLC to be your guide throughout the real estate sale process.

How We Can Help

An attorney will wear “several hats” when assisting with your real estate transaction. From the beginning of the sale to its closing, we provide legal support meant to protect you from potential problems or “surprises.”

  • Title Searches and Insurance
    • Before completing a sale, it’s crucial to have an attorney perform a title search for your property. A property’s title will reveal its history and any potential limitations on its sale. For example, a title search may uncover unpaid property taxes or property liens. And in conjunction with a title search, our attorneys will also help you secure title insurance. So, if you run into problems with a title during or after a sale, title insurance can help cover specific legal damage (depending on the policy).
  • Confirming Documents and Contracts
    • There’s always a significant amount of paperwork that accompanies a real estate transaction. Unfortunately, such paperwork can be confusing to understand for those not well versed in legal terminology. Thankfully, your title attorney for JameszIsland SC interprets legal documentation for a living. Not only can we help you understand contracts associated with your property sale, but we can ensure documents reflect your desires and are without error.
  • Closing a Sale
    • Whether for commercial or residential real estate, South Carolina law requires an attorney to be present at the closing of your sale. This is done to ensure every involved party is protected from potential legal mistakes. Your attorney will act as a third party to buyers, sellers, lenders, brokers, real estate agents and more. During the finalization of a sale, we double-check all contracts, facilitate the exchange of paperwork and fees, act as witnesses to signatures, and document the entire process.
A Title Attorney for James Island SC going over real estate documents

Necessary Legal Guidance

Real estate law isn’t the only thing you might need legal guidance for. Buxton & Collie works diligently to ensure the success of businesses and individuals alike. For example, our practice areas include:

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If interested in the services Buxton & Collie, LLC can provide as your title attorney for James Island SC, give us a call! You can contact us today at 843-606-2397 to request a consultation. Also, we are located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.