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Business Attorney Kiawah Island SC
Creating a company? Then you’ll want to contact our business attorney in Kiawah Island SC. Call 843-606-2397 to see how we can help today.

Creating a Company? Seek Support from our Business Attorney in Kiawah Island SC!

Starting a business is a big feat, and if you want to see it succeed, you’ll need to rely on some extra support. Business attorneys are the perfect people for this position. Not only do they offer a unique outside perspective, but they are also well-versed in corporate law. Meaning, they can help individuals overcome various legal obstacles involved in building a business. Such is the case with our business attorney in Kiawah Island SC, who has an outstanding reputation for helping companies of all shapes and sizes succeed.

About Our Experienced Staff

Over the last decade, the lawyers at Buxton & Collie, LLC have enjoyed getting to know clients of all different backgrounds and strategizing solutions for their specific set of needs. We’ve worked with individuals featured in Forbes and Good Housekeeping and continue to serve the community through volunteer work and donation drives. As people with a big passion for helping others out, we work diligently to resolve each case, working to bring every client the best results.

Control the Future of Your Company—Seek Comprehensive Legal Counsel

Legal counsel is for businesses big and small! Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established owner, our business attorney in Kiawah Island SC can help you:

  • Stay Financially Fit
    • Taxes, stocks and sales—for a company to succeed, you need to understand how to navigate each of these areas. This can be an overwhelming task for anyone, not to mention new business owners. If this is your first time figuring it all out, don’t stress! Our lawyers can provide the financial backing you need to build your business. When you partner with us, we will evaluate your company’s current state and recommend where to save, spend and invest!
  • Set Up a Strong Internal Structure
    • When it comes to starting a business, one of the most crucial things to consider is structure. Whether you want your company to run as a proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation, our attorneys can help you understand the intricacies of each, assisting with roles and responsibilities along the way.
  • Navigate Complicated Contracts
    • The last thing you want when starting a business is to be bogged down by complicated contracts that take away from your time. However, when you hire one of our business attorneys, you don’t have to worry about fretting over each document. We’ll do it for you, looking out for loopholes and errors that could cause future complications.
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Additional Areas We Assist In

Beyond business, the attorneys at Buxton and Collie represent clients in several other areas of law, including:

In each of these areas, we aim to push clients towards a path to long-term success, whatever that looks like for them. To learn more about any of the above fields, call and talk to a team member today!

Contact Us

To get in touch with our business attorney in Kiawah Island SC, call 843-606-2397 or request a consultation through our online form. Our office is located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464. We look forward to working with you there!