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Settle Your Real Estate Sale with a Closing Attorney for Awendaw SC

In and around the Greater Charleston area, there is an abundance of beautiful homes and attractive commercial facilities ready to be sold, leased, or purchased! However, the South Carolina real estate process can be challenging for the “uninitiated.” Moreover, properly completing a real estate transaction requires the assistance of closing attorneys. Thankfully, you can count on an experienced, local closing attorney for Awendaw SC; give Buxton & Collie, LLC a call!

What Happens Before, During and After a Property Closing?

There are only the best intentions behind South Carolina’s law requiring attorneys to assist with all real estate closings. Especially when it comes to commercial property, the transaction process can become long and complicated without proper legal help. Thankfully, your closing attorney for Awendaw SC will help you throughout the closing process.

  • Before Closing
    • As closing day approaches, you need to be prepared! Here is where your attorney can help. We gather information on the property in question, helping uncover potential issues through home inspections, mortgage info, etc. Most importantly, we perform a title search to identify property liens, easements, unpaid property taxes, and more, and take steps toward resolving these issues. Finally, we update and prepare all necessary documentation for closing.
  • During Closing
    • On closing day, your attorney will be in charge of the day’s proceedings. Ideally, the closing process will be quick and straightforward, with everything prepped well in advance. An attorney will explain the terms of an agreement and all essential documents. Once all parties are on the same page, we perform a final check on documents, gather signatures, and hand over the keys!
  • After Closing
    • Leave the finalization of your sale up to Buxton & Collie’s team. Technical work (updating titles, recording deeds, disbursing collected funds to appropriate parties, and submitting a final title opinion to the title insurance company) is all done by your closing attorney. Once we file the last of your property’s documentation into the public record, your sale will become official.

Beyond Real Estate Law

Real estate law isn’t the only legal practice Buxton & Collie specializes in. For over ten years, Buxton & Collie has gathered the area’s brightest legal minds to provide experienced and detailed legal work for South Carolina residents. Our attorneys have helped families create estate plans by writing wills and establishing trusts. Furthermore, we provide legal services for businesses looking to incorporate, engage in a merger, resolve partner disputes, write purchase agreements, navigate corporate governance, and more.

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Call Our Team

Take all the necessary steps to make your property transaction a success with help from a closing attorney for Awendaw SC. Give the legal professionals at Buxton & Collie a call today! You can contact us at 843-830-4305 to request a consultation. We are located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.