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Closing Attorney Charleston SC
A Closing Attorney in Charleston SC showing a client their contract for the real estate sale

Do You Need a Closing Attorney for Charleston SC?

The stress of purchasing a new home or commercial facility can weigh heavily on anyone! Even after everything is said and done, the final closing of a sale can be the most challenging part! Thankfully, with guidance from a closing attorney for Charleston SC, the sale or purchase of a property can go off without a hitch. To ensure you’re doing everything right at the end of your real estate sale, hire the legal professionals at Buxton & Collie, LLC.

What to Expect from a Closing Attorney?

South Carolina law requires every real estate transaction in the state to be overseen by an attorney, and for good reason! In addition to the hour it takes to finalize a closing, numerous steps must be taken before a property sale’s completion. For example, a closing attorney for Charleston SC will provide services such as:

  • Title Examination
    • Potential buyers (and sellers) want to know everything about the property they purchase! However, the more technical aspects of a property’s condition can only be found in a property title. Titles offer insight into the existence of liens, unpaid property taxes, prior land ownership agreements, and more. If there are legal issues with a piece of property, a title search will uncover them before purchase.
  • Document Preparation
    • There are dozens of legal documents that go along with the purchase of real estate in South Carolina, for commercial properties especially. From deeds to settlement statements, it’s the job of your closing attorney to go over all documents, ensure information is correct and up-to-date, and prepare paperwork for the final closing.
  • Closing Day Duties and Wrap-Up
    • At a property’s closing, your attorney will help coordinate the sale between all parties. We explain all documents, walk parties through paperwork requiring signatures, and tie up all loose ends. Additional work for a property’s closing includes funds disbursement, filing pertinent documents in the public record, following up with lenders (after closing day), and more.

Additional Legal Services

In addition to facilitating your real estate transactions, Buxton & Collie delves deep into professional legal services for families and businesses alike. Our experienced team is well-versed in numerous areas of South Carolina law, able to provide our clients with services for:

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