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Closing Attorney Isle of Palms SC
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See to a Successful Sale with a Closing Attorney for Isle of Palms SC

The real estate market in South Carolina is booming, with new and desirable properties popping up in Awendaw, Isle of Palms, and throughout the Greater Charleston area. However, to take advantage of this hot market, you need the guidance of an experienced and local closing attorney for Isle of Palms SC. Thankfully, when looking for such an attorney, you don’t have to search long. Buxton & Collie, LLC is one of the area’s trusted real estate law firms, well-versed in residential and commercial real estate law throughout South Carolina.

What Happens During Your Property Transaction?

Behind the scenes, a closing attorney is doing everything they can to ensure your property sale goes off without a hitch. While one of the most important jobs for your closing attorney is to facilitate closing day, plenty of work must be done before and after closing to ensure the success of a sale.

  • Before the Sale – While getting ready for your real estate transaction, your attorney will ensure everything with a property’s title is legally sound and documents are correctly prepared. An attorney’s tasks involve conducting a title search to uncover liens, unpaid property taxes, easements, or other issues with a title. Afterward, we help resolve such issues, assist clients in applying for title insurance, and finalize all contracts and documents for closing.
  • On Closing Day – On the day of your property sale’s closing, your attorney is in charge! We will lead the day’s proceedings, ensuring your closing goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. During closing, your attorney will review all documents and contracts, explain the terms of a sale to all involved parties, instruct participants where to sign documents, etc. Upon completion of closing day, all that’s left is legally finalizing your sale!
  • Wrap-Up Duties – With closing day a success, the work of buyers and sellers is complete. However, the work of your attorney isn’t quite finished. We complete all technical work for your sale, like updating titles, recording deeds, disbursing collected funds, submitting a final title option to the title insurance company, and more. Once everything is finished, the last thing we do is file all essential contracts and documents in the public record, making your property transaction complete.

Additional Legal Assistance

While Buxton & Collie’s team is skilled and experienced in performing the duties of a closing attorney for Isle of Palms SC, real estate law isn’t the only legal area we specialize in. Our attorneys are well-versed in areas of estate planning and business law, contributing to individuals’ personal and professional legal concerns. With estate planning, we sit down with individuals and families to discuss wills, trusts, power of attorney, and other matters of your estate. Conversely, our business law practice focuses on small to large organizations’ legal concerns, such as incorporation, mergers, corporate governance, buy-sell agreements, and more.

Closing Attorney Isle of Palms SC

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To ensure as smooth and stress-free a real estate transaction as possible, residents trust the local experience of Buxton & Collie’s closing attorney for Isle of Palms SC. To learn more about our legal services or request a consultation, contact Buxton & Collie, LLC today at 843-830-4305. We are located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.