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Commercial Real Estate Attorney Awendaw SC
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A Commercial Real Estate Attorney for Awendaw SC Helps Property Buyers and Sellers Alike

Purchasing commercial property isn’t as simple as shaking hands and exchanging cash for a key. Multiple steps in the process must be followed, numerous documents that must be drafted, and laws and regulations that must be abided by. Needless to say, the sale, leasing or purchase of real estate property is not a simple process. However, with help from a commercial real estate attorney for Awendaw SC, business owners can more easily engage in real estate transactions. Call Buxton & Collie, LLC today to see how we can help.

What Our Team Offers

Your commercial real estate attorney can take action from the start of your property transaction until its closing. For example, we provide services such as:

  • Title Searches – If there are unknown liens, unpaid property taxes or additional issues with the commercial space you wish to purchase, our team will uncover them in a title search.
  • Buying Advice – Ultimately, the decision to purchase property is in your hands. However, our attorneys can provide advice and recommendations based on our area knowledge, real estate law education and experience with other property sale agreements.
  • Evaluate Agreements – Whether a leasing or purchase agreement, your lawyer can review all its terms and offer insight on what might need adjusting. Our goal is to ensure a fair, error-free and legally sound transaction between the buyer and seller.
  • Navigate Zoning Laws – For sellers, it’s crucial to understand local zoning laws and how your property is zoned. To this aim, knowing zoning laws help you best identify interested buyers for your property.
  • Explain and Manage Paperwork – Documentation for a commercial property sale can confuse those not familiar with local real estate law. Thankfully, a commercial real estate attorney for Awendaw SC will understand in-depth. We can explain contracts while helping you correctly complete all documents.
  • Final Closing – At the end of your commercial real estate transaction, Buxton & Collie can manage its closing and finalize the sale. Our duties include reviewing documents, communicating terms between parties, and managing disbursements.

Specialized Services

Real estate law doesn’t end with the sale, purchase or rental of commercial property. There are unique legal scenarios that can arise from a real estate transaction. And without the guidance of professionals like Buxton & Collie, it’s easy to get caught up in the legal intricacies of commercial real estate. To this end, we offer legal assistance for cases involving:

  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Easement Agreements
  • Brokerage Agreements
  • Listing Agreements
  • Development Management Contracts
  • Commercial Lease Review
  • And More
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A commercial real estate attorney for Awendaw SC is the key to a successful commercial property transaction. To hire an attorney for your next property acquisition or sale, contact Buxton & Collie, LLC today. You can contact us at 843-606-2397 to request a consultation. Also, we are located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.