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Commercial Real Estate Lease Review Charleston SC
Commercial space in a strip mall, waiting for a Commercial Real Estate Lease Review in Charleston SC

Renting Commercial Space? Get a Commercial Real Estate Lease Review in Charleston SC

As you continue to grow your business, the time comes when you must consider investing in a storefront or office space. And although commercial real estate deals can be standard practice, the lease behind a deal can be tricky to navigate for both sides. As such, Buxton & Collie, LLC can provide our legal services to assist with a commercial real estate lease review for Charleston SC. Our goal is to ensure a lease deal is agreeable and beneficial to your business.

For Tenants

At Buxton & Collie, we give renters the confidence they need to commit to a commercial lease. Our attorneys’ actions ensure renters don’t get a bad deal and can sometimes negotiate for a better one. During a commercial real estate lease review, you can expect:

  • An explanation of lease terms and variations
  • A check for “red flags” that can affect the future of your lease
  • Legal suggestions for rewording a contract to eliminate potentially vague or unclear language
  • A legal representative to help you negotiate with a landlord

For Landlords

On the opposite end of a lease agreement, a landlord sometimes needs assistance when writing lease terms. Our attorneys understand the legal language necessary for creating a legally sound contract for commercial renters to sign. The services we provide landlords include:

  • Drafting documents and contracts for tenants to sign
  • Ensuring an agreement makes legal sense and lease terms are clearly defined
  • Negotiating lease terms with a tenant or tenant’s lawyer

Hiring Real Estate Attorneys

While Buxton & Collie can provide a commercial real estate lease review for Charleston SC businesses, we can do more for your real estate transaction. As a South Carolina commercial real estate attorney, we provide services at any rental or sales agreement stage. For example, our team of attorneys assists clients with:

  • Title Searches & Insurance
  • Brokerage and Listing Agreements
  • Easements
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Upfit Allowances
  • And More
A paper house on a gavel, representing a Commercial Real Estate Lease Review in Charleston SC

Discuss Your Agreement with Our Team

Before putting pen to paper on your final lease agreement, be sure it goes through a commercial real estate lease review by Charleston SC legal professionals. Get in touch with the attorneys at Buxton & Collie, LLC today. You can contact us at 843-606-2397 to request a consultation. Also, we are located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.