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Corporate Law Charleston County SC
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What Does Corporate Law for Charleston County SC Entail?

Running a business takes more than purchasing real estate, selling products and serving clients. You’ll quickly need to adjust to all local rules and regulations related to your company. Through corporate law for Charleston County SC, specific rules, practices, regulations and laws have been established that control the creation and operation of your organization. And to best navigate corporate law, whether state or federal, you need the guidance of a corporate lawyer. Thankfully, Buxton & Collie, LLC possesses the experience and know-how to assist!

Better Understanding Corporate Law

Corporate law not only encompasses the rules and regulations a business must abide by but the potential hurdles they might face. As such, having a law firm such as Buxton & Collie to manage the legal intricacies of your business is integral to your overall success. Some essential components of corporate law include:

  • Incorporation & Limited Liability – If you don’t structure your business as a separate entity, cash flow, taxes, asset management and more must all go through you, the business owner. Conversely, if you set up your company as its own entity through incorporation, you free yourself of some of your business’s financial and legal responsibilities. In what’s known as limited liability, you protect yourself and personal assets from legal litigation if your company faces legal action.
  • Delegated Management – For any corporation, the organization of management is essential for running your business and building the confidence of outside parties. Buxton & Collie can help you set up a chain of management, including a board of directors and leading officers. In creating such a leadership structure, you ensure assurances of actions that are considered legally binding, thus instilling trust in your partners, investors and clients.
  • Litigation Protection – While corporate law for Charleston County SC can help you start, expand, transfer or dissolve your company, it also outlines protections you must abide by. For example, corporate law looks to prevent partner disputes, environmental harm, monopolization of markets, and other bad business practices. With guidance from Buxton & Collie, we ensure you are not violating corporate law and are shielded from potential litigation.
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In addition to corporate law for Charleston County SC, Buxton & Collie specializes in legal practices involving real estate, estate planning, private equity, and more. Whether you’re looking to purchase residential/commercial property or wish to prepare for a future after your passing, you can count on our experienced team of attorneys. To learn more about Buxton & Collie, LLC and the services we offer, call 843-606-2397 to schedule a consultation. Also, our office is located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.