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Corporate Lawyers Charleston SC
Corporate Lawyers Charleston SC

Get Advice from Corporate Lawyers in Charleston SC

Growing companies need advisement from experienced corporate lawyers in Charleston SC. Buxton & Collie, LLC, acts as outside general counsel on all aspects of business law. For that reason, many small and middle-market companies seek our counsel. Our valued clients know we will be there for them from the formation of the business all the way to its sale or generational succession. Our firm takes pride in doing much more than basic business planning or risk allocation. As a result, our valued clients consider us a trusted partner invested in the success of their companies.

Why Our Corporate Lawyers in Charleston SC Are for You

You are seeking out corporate lawyers in Charleston SC to make a difference for your business. Because of that, you need the Buxton & Collie legal team on your side. Our attorneys take an active role in making a difference for our clients and our community. Because we care, our employees volunteer to serve on boards of organizations working for causes helping to make our community better. In addition, our firm participates in events such as blood drives and luggage collection for foster care. Furthermore, we put that same difference-making approach to work for our clients.

Top Advantages of Corporate Lawyers

You may wonder about the best ways corporate lawyers in Charleston SC help your business. So, we put together a list of some advantages our clients enjoy our services. Here are a few key benefits in the list below:

  1. Taxes – Any business brings so many responsibilities that it is difficult to be knowledgeable on everything such as filing returns and paying taxes. You may not know the types of taxes that you need to pay and the amount due. So, let Buxton & Collie attorneys help you stay compliant.
  2. Cases – Every business faces a time where one party in a business agreement fails to honor their responsibilities. As a result, you may need to go through mediation, litigation or other legal measures to resolve the problem. Do not get caught in a situation like this without the experienced and knowledgeable Buxton & Collie team on your side.
  3. Documents – Business agreements that you form should explain the conditions of the deal clearly and concisely. For that reason, let our firm construct the language of agreements for you. As a result, you can expect agreements that work in favor of your business.

Other Services from Corporate Lawyers in Charleston SC

From creation through growth and exit, Buxton & Collie counsels entrepreneurs, emerging growth companies, and established business owners in many aspects of corporate law, including:

  • Asset Sales
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Capital Finance
  • Choice of Entity
  • Corporate Governance
  • Family Business
  • General Business Consultation
  • Incorporation
  • Local Counsel Opinions
  • Operating Agreements
  • Partner Disputes
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Securities
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Start-up Planning
  • Stock Offerings
  • Tax Planning
Corporate Lawyers Charleston SC

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