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Ensure Loved One’s Affairs are in Order with Estate Administration for Charleston SC

After the death of a family member, there are plenty of arrangements to be made. However, it’s not only funeral planning that must be done in the wake of a loved one’s passing. Managing your family member’s estate is a crucial factor in preparing for life after their death. And with the right legal professionals for estate administration in Charleston SC, this complicated task can be made easier to handle. Allow the professionals at Buxton & Collie, LLC to lend a hand.

What Does Estate Administration Include?

From settling debts to the distribution of assets, there’s much work to be done in the administration of an estate. But, with help from Buxton & Collie, you don’t have to stress the minor details. As estate planning attorneys, here’s some of what we do when managing estates through the probate process:

  • Implementing a Will – If the deceased party had a will written before passing, it’s the job of our attorneys to help implement it. A will provides probate court with the framework for how assets should be divided amongst inheritors. If the will appoints an executor to perform the specific wishes of the document, an attorney can act as a guide to the appointed party.
  • Settling Debts – Before a will can be carried out, any debts associated with the estate must first be resolved. Family members or close relatives are not responsible for the deceased’s debt; however, the debt must be paid in full (or as close to) by the debt holder’s estate. Your attorney can assist in this process, as we will already organize what assets remain for an estate.
  • Distributing Assets – After verifying a will, settling debts, paying off taxes, and covering other associated fees with probate court, what’s left of the estate is divided among inheritors. If inheritors are mentioned in a will, these individuals will have first rights to the remaining estate. However, if no such instruction exists, your attorney can help divide assets in a manner that’s fair to all involved parties.

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Planning for the Future

Professional estate administration in Charleston SC, while always helpful, is more often used when someone dies without a will in place. And without a will, courts will divide up an estate as they see fit. To ensure you and your loved ones have some say in how an estate is handled, estate planning is essential before the passing of relatives. And Buxton & Collie is equipped to handle all stages of estate planning, whether writing wills, establishing trusts and more.

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