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Estate Planning Daniel Island SC
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Make a Plan: Estate Planning for Daniel Island SC

Throughout life, we want to be prepared. Whether it’s studying for a big exam or doing research for your next car purchase, preparation is a part of everything we do. So, it’s not so unexpected to establish a plan for what happens upon your death. It’s perhaps something you don’t want to think about, but having a plan in place is better than letting the state have a say where your assets go. Thus, you need reliable estate planning in Daniel Island SC from a trustworthy source: Buxton & Collie LLC.

For ten years, we’ve made estate planning one of the primary practices of Buxton & Collie. More recently, we’ve brought on attorneys who have a deep understanding of what goes into estate planning. We can guide you through the process, making recommendations that best benefit you and your family. It can be challenging to address death, but Buxton & Collie will do everything to make the process a little easier to handle.

Why Should You Participate in Estate Planning?

While estate planning isn’t necessary for you to do, you and your family will be glad you did. Even if you don’t believe you have much to pass on, any bit of planning will ensure your wishes are met, and your family is taken care of after your passing.

  • Take Care of Your Family
    • Your death is bound to be difficult for your family. However, if you’re prepared with estate planning, you can make sure your departure is a little less confusing and difficult for your loved ones to handle. By establishing a will and trust, you can determine where your assets go, how they are split, who takes care of your children, and other factors.
  • Establishing Control
    • To the surprise of no one, the IRS and government are out to get your money even after you’re gone. Without a final will and testament to divide your assets, the state will take control of your estate and make decisions on your behalf (in what is known as probate). Also, you can be heavily taxed on all your assets if you aren’t careful. Conversely, our attorneys can help limit taxation on your estate and ensure you and your family are in complete control.
  • Preparing for Any Scenario
    • Truthfully, we don’t know what life has in store for us until it happens. And, by then it’s too late to do anything about it. For example, if you were struck by a severe illness or injury and left incapacitated for a period, who would be in charge of your care? Thankfully, estate planning can help you decide that through power of attorney. You can choose the person you most trust to handle all health and financial decisions while you return to a better state of being.
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Your Local Legal Counsel

After finishing with your estate planning for Daniel Island SC, Buxton & Collie can provide several additional legal services related to you or your business. For example, our practice areas include:

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Estate planning in Daniel Island SC isn’t easy, but it’s important to see it done. And for help with your estate, give the professionals at Buxton & Collie LLC a call today. You can contact us at 843-606-2397 to request a consultation. Also, we are located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.