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Home Purchase Attorney Charleston SC
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Buying or Selling a House? A Home Purchase Attorney for Charleston SC Can Help

Buying or selling a house is a big decision, both financially and legally. And when looking to complete a real estate transaction, every party has a part to play. Realtors help negotiate the terms of a contract, and lenders get you money to make a purchase possible. Finally, a home purchase attorney for Charleston SC ensures a sale comes together without a hitch. And Buxton & Collie, LLC is just the law firm you need to finalize your real estate transaction.

Legal Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Home

A real estate transaction isn’t as simple as exchanging money and shaking hands. Sale contracts and loan agreements are legal documents necessary to the completion of a sale. Not to mention, purchasing a home means you inherit all the “baggage” that comes with it. It’s your attorney’s job to ensure a transaction is legally sound and the for-sale property is free of issues.

  • Clear Title – A property title is a record of a piece of land’s legal status, with info related to past owners, property value, and current tax rates. And by uncovering a property title, an attorney can quickly discover and resolve potential issues with a piece of property, be they liens, unpaid property taxes and more.
  • Correct Documentation – While a real estate agent will know about contracts and documents necessary for a transaction, they are not legal experts. Conversely, our team understands South Carolina real estate law and can ensure all contracts and agreements reflect the discussed terms, and are free of mistakes and loopholes.
  • State Requirement – A home purchase attorney for Charleston SC is not only a helpful addition to a transaction team but a required addition. Per South Carolina law, an attorney must be involved in the sale process and present at the final closing to act as an impartial party between the buyer and seller. At the closing, your attorney will provide all documents, the recordation of said documents and the disbursement of funds to all parties.
Family moving into a new house, after buying the property with help from a Home Purchase Attorney for Charleston SC

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For over ten years, Buxton & Collie has served the residents of Charleston, Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding areas with sound legal advice covering a range of practice areas. After all, we’re not only real estate attorneys. Buxton & Collie also assists residents and locals with estate planning, business law, mergers & acquisitions, private equity, dental law and more.

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