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Mount Pleasant Magazine Article
Mount Pleasant Magazine Article

Mount Pleasant Magazine Article

The below article is featured in the March/April issue of Mount Pleasant Magazine, their Beautiful Homes edition.

A Local Beacon – by Katherine Waters

When talking to any of the attorneys at Buxton & Collie, LLC, it’s clear that the firm cares about building up their community, especially through their work in real estate law.

The team at Buxton and Collie is split into three main groups: a corporate team that deals with general business and securities work, a real estate team, and an estate planning team. Brian Collie and Lenny Mitchum lead the real estate team.

“Lenny leads our residential real estate team, where we represent families buying or selling a home,” says Brian Collie, partner at Buxton & Collie. “Whether it is a first home for a young family, a re-finance due to current interest rates, a vacation home, or retirement purchase, we enjoy helping people navigate these important transactions. We represent buyers and sellers all over the Lowcountry, but it is especially gratifying when we can welcome newcomers to our Mount Pleasant community.”

Brian’s practice focuses on commercial real estate and business law. “On the commercial side, we work with businesses ranging from dental or other medical practices, to restaurants and retail spaces. We help business owners with all sorts of needs related to commercial real estate, including purchase and sale agreements, leases, and forming ownership entities.”

The firm’s commercial client base is a mix of small- and medium-sized businesses and individuals. Typically, the businesses that they work with turn to Buxton & Collie for intermittent services – they may come in for a project and then not need legal services again for a few months. That ongoing, long term relationship is important to the firm, as the team loves to see clients out in the community and support their business.

“As an attorney, it’s great to provide services for businesses and people and families in the community where you live, then be able to patronize their businesses, whether that’s a restaurant or a retail store or a dentist,” says Collie. “It’s the most rewarding part of our practice and it is incredibly important to our firm’s culture, and to what we’d like to do here in the Mount Pleasant community.”