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Real Estate Attorney James Island SC
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Need Help with Your Property Closing? Find the Right Real Estate Attorney for James Island SC

Per South Carolina law, it’s a requirement to have an attorney present at the final closing of any property sale. Such a law intends to ensure the rights of both the buyer and seller are protected. However, it’s just as important to have a local attorney who understands the area and has focused education and certification in real estate law. Thankfully, when looking for such a real estate attorney for James Island SC, Buxton & Collie, LLC fits the bill.

The Most Important Tasks for Your Attorney

Your attorney will do more than watch over your sale while it’s finalized. There is prep work done before final closing to ensure a transaction is legally sound and can go off without a hitch.

  • Review of Documents: There are dozens of documents that go along with a real estate sale, and none of them simple. Such documents may include purchase agreements, title documents, mortgage documents, and transfer documents. And if handling a commercial real estate sale, expect other documents related to zoning, leases, easements and more.
  • Handling of Titles: One of the most important aspects of any real estate transaction is the property title. The title is legal documentation that includes a record of a property’s history. Your attorney will perform a title search to ensure there are no issues with a title before purchase. Sometimes, a title search will uncover property liens, unpaid property taxes, and other problems. Before final sale, your attorney will fix such issues and set you up with title insurance, so to protect you if more troubles arises.
  • Impartial Third Party: As mentioned previously, a real estate attorney for James Island SC looks to protect all parties throughout a property transaction. Thus, when closing day comes, your attorney will act as a third party to facilitate the completion of a sale. We will present and explain all documents after careful review and ensure the title transfer is legal and binding. Finally, we can help distribute the final payments to all involved parties.
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Serving Your Community

Buxton & Collie aims to see our clients be prepared and successful in all walks of life. Thus, we offer legal services meant to provide guidance and stability. For example, we’ve helped hundreds of families prepare for the future through will writing, trust creation and general estate planning. Furthermore, we’ve assisted businesses in growing from start-ups to successful companies with our legal counsel and business law services.

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Before your property sale reaches its conclusion, find the right real estate attorney for James Island SC to ensure your transaction is as straightforward and legally sound as possible. Learn more by calling Buxton & Collie, LLC today at 843-606-2397 to request a consultation. Also, we are located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.