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Real Estate Attorney Kiawah Island SC
A wood model of a house with a Real Estate Attorney in Kiawah Island SC shaking hands with a home seller in the background

Need a Real Estate Attorney for Kiawah Island SC? Count on Buxton & Collie!

The sale of homes or businesses throughout South Carolina must be supervised by a licensed attorney, per state law. However, you’ll quickly find benefits to having an attorney help facilitate the closing of a property sale. And for a trusted and experienced real estate attorney for Kiawah Island SC, look no further than Buxton & Collie LLC.

The team at Buxton & Collie is proud to serve South Carolina residents for the past decade. Our attorneys are continually learning the most recent changes to real estate law to assist our clients better. When you hire our law firm, you get a dedicated team of lawyers who tailor their legal approach to your unique situation.

A Measured Approach to Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Buxton & Collie is intimately familiar with the legal challenges one might face when looking to purchase or sell property. And while most sales go over smoothly, it’s the job of our law firm to ensure you can overcome any potential legal hurdles.

  • Commercial Real Estate Development – There are numerous rules and regulations when looking to develop land for commercial use. It’s our team’s job to help oversee back and forth negotiations between parties and make sure nothing is overlooked in contracts and documentation.
  • Commercial Leasing and Operations – It’s not just buyers and sellers that need legal representation. For landlords or tenants looking to rent, sell or purchase commercial property, they can find the right legal guidance with our attorneys.
  • Residential Real Estate – A real estate attorney for Kiawah Island SC can help you navigate your residential real estate transaction as you work with the lender and others to move towards closing. Furthermore, we make sure all necessary documentation is in place and confirm your contract accurately reflects the agreed upon terms.
  • Title Insurance – To protect yourself from financial loss in the case of an error in your property’s title, you require title insurance. Our team can help you set up title insurance through the Chicago Title Insurance Company, one of the world’s most highly regarded title insurance companies.

Attorneys Suited to Your Legal Needs

Buxton & Collie have found South Carolina residents need assistance with more than property closings and title insurance. So, our law office specializes in several legal practices most suited to assist families with estate planning and businesses looking to expand or incorporate. Our services legal services include:

Vacant office building looking to be sold with help from a Real Estate Attorney in Kiawah Island SC

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Successfully navigate your next property sale with the help of a real estate attorney for Kiawah Island SC. Give the professionals at Buxton & Collie LLC a call today. You can contact us at 843-606-2397 to request a consultation. Also, our office is located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd #100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.