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Real Estate Attorneys Charleston SC
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Support Your Property Sale or Purchase with Real Estate Attorneys for Charleston SC

Buying or selling property is a big decision for anyone. And for such a significant decision, South Carolina requires a licensed attorney to be present. Thus, you need real estate attorneys for Charleston SC. And with Buxton & Collie LLC, you can count on a team of trusted professionals to help facilitate your next real estate transaction.

At Buxton & Collie, we dedicate ourselves to getting to know you and your legal needs. Whether dealing with real estate law, estate planning, business law, or other legal matters, we present tailored legal solutions to best fit your needs. You can be confident in your legal representation when you hire our law firm.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

While property sales are similar in many ways, some details only apply to either residential or commercial real estate transactions. And with help from an experienced real estate attorney, we can help you make decisions most beneficial to your property sale or purchase.

  • Commercial Real Estate Sales
    • Purchasing or selling commercial property isn’t a straightforward process. There are real estate laws both parties must abide by, and the terms of a sale must be reviewed. The team at Buxton & Collie will help draft crucial documents, review regulatory issues, organize ownership entities, negotiate deals on your behalf and more.
  • Residential Real Estate Sales
    • While residential real estate sales are a little less complicated than commercial sales, they still require the professional guidance of real estate attorneys for Charleston SC. Aside from facilitating a property transaction, our team will review titles and purchase agreements to ensure both sides of a sale can benefit. You can expect our attorneys to complete title searches, resolve liens, write title insurance policies, and more.
A home trying to be sold with help from Real Estate Attorneys in Charleston SC

Trustworthy Legal Counsel

Buxton & Collie offers trusted and professional legal counsel you or businesses may require. Our team specializes in numerous areas of law for specific industries when it comes to representation for business law. Additionally, our team can assist with estate planning, private equity, mergers, acquisitions and dental law.

Contact Our Office

Whether working on selling your property or getting ready to buy, you can count on our real estate attorneys for Charleston SC to provide you with the legal guidance you need. Learn more about Buxton & Collie LLC by calling 843-606-2397 to request a consultation. Also, our office is located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd #100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.