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Real Estate Attorneys Kiawah Island SC
Real Estate Attorneys for Kiawah Island SC talking with a couple looking to purchase a home

Your Trusted Real Estate Attorneys for Kiawah Island SC

Are you interested in owning or selling property in South Carolina? If so, you need the help of a licensed real estate attorney. Through an attorney’s legal guidance, you can successfully close your sale and ensure any potential legal hurdles are dealt with throughout the process. And with real estate attorneys for Kiawah Island SC from Buxton & Collie LLC, you can be sure your property sale is on the right track.

For over ten years, Buxton & Collie have assisted residents and business owners with selling and purchasing real estate throughout the state. Our goal is to provide sound legal counsel and professional assistance when finalizing commercial or residential property sales. Our team works directly with you to uncover legal solutions tailored to your specific real estate transaction.

What Our Real Estate Attorneys Can Do

We understand how big of an investment real estate can be. So, we take great strides to ensure both buyers’ and sellers’ rights are protected under South Carolina real estate law. Furthermore, we help confirm contracts and documentation are correct and accurately reflect the agreed upon terms.

  • Handle All Paperwork – Like any big decision that involves a significant amount of money, there is plenty of paperwork involved. Our lawyers will ensure you have all the correct documentation and help you understand everything you are signing.
  • Check Titles – Sometimes, there are issues with the property being sold, unbeknownst to the buyer or seller. Our attorneys perform the groundwork to help uncover potential liens, foreclosures or errors involved with the title. Furthermore, we take steps to resolve such legal issues and help move your real estate transaction in the right direction.
  • Save You Time – The real estate buying or selling process can be a long and complicated one. However, with experienced real estate attorneys for Kiawah Island SC on your side, you can make the process more straightforward. While you might not have the time to learn the intricacies of real estate law, our team will make quick work of your property sale.
A sold house, done with the help of Real Estate Attorneys for Kiawah Island SC

Further Legal Assistance

At Buxton & Collie, our legal services don’t stop at real estate law. Our attorneys help support residents and businesses throughout Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Kiawah Island and the surrounding communities with our extensive legal services. For example, families can come to us when they need help preparing their estate. And for business owners, we offer legal assistance with business law, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and more.

Talk with Our Team

Our real estate attorneys for Kiawah Island SC provide the counsel you need when navigating real estate law for South Carolina. To talk with a lawyer who can assist with your next property sale or purchase, call Buxton & Collie LLC at 843-606-2397 to request a consultation. Also, our office is located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd #100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.