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A home for sale, where the buyers need assistance from a Real Estate Law Firm for Charleston SC

Close Your Property Sale with Help from a Real Estate Law Firm for Charleston SC

It can be an exciting time when searching for or selling property. However, plenty of work goes into preparing for a property sale. From drafting legal documents to ensuring the transfer of titles, much of what needs to be done can only be handled by legal professionals. Thankfully, Buxton & Collie, LLC can help. As a trusted real estate law firm for Charleston SC, we can ensure your next real estate transaction goes off without a hitch.

How We Can Help

Real estate attorneys are a necessary part of property closings in South Carolina. Your attorney will act as an outside party to negotiations, handling all paperwork, fund exchanges, and transaction documentation during closing. However, we can offer more to your real estate sale than assistance on closing day. Our team of experienced legal professionals ensures your sale’s legitimacy while helping you streamline the process. Some of our real estate law services include:

  • Document Organization – From the seller to the lender, all parties will have a laundry list of documents for you to complete before making a transaction “official.” Buxton & Collie can help organize all necessary documentation, ensure paperwork is free of mistakes, and advise on potential changes and negotiations that you could find beneficial to your sale.
  • Title Search – Before purchasing a property, you should fully understand the property’s history. In examining a property title, your attorney can quickly discover potential title defects or issues like liens, unpaid taxes, easements and more. If problems are discovered, we take steps to help you resolve them before the final sale.
  • Title Insurance – Before banks or lenders consider extending you a loan, they want to protect their bottom line. By purchasing title insurance, you ensure you and lenders are protected if problems with a title arise. Buxton & Collie works with the Chicago Title Insurance Company to bring you access to coverage not readily available to others.
  • Commercial Property – The sale, leasing and development of commercial property are more complex than residential real estate. Thus, a real estate law firm for Charleston SC is necessary when contending with commercial real estate. Our team can assist with matters involving commercial acquisitions, easement agreements, brokerage and listing agreements, development management contracts, and more.
Attorneys discussing a real estate transaction at a Real Estate Law Firm for Charleston SC

Your Trusted Legal Team

Buxton & Collie will pull out all the stops to ensure a successful real estate transaction. However, our legal services don’t end with South Carolina real estate law. Our team of attorneys specializes in various practice areas, estate planning and business law being two of the biggest. Buxton & Collie can provide you with the legal counsel you need, from implementing wills and trusts to assisting with a successful company acquisition.

Talk with Our Attorneys

Don’t manage the complexity of property transactions alone. Bring your sale to a successful conclusion with the help of a real estate law firm for Charleston SC; call Buxton & Collie, LLC today. Contact us at 843-606-2397 to learn more or request a consultation. Also, we are located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.