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Investing in Property? Talk with a Real Estate Law Firm for Sulivan’s Island SC

Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential property, the Greater Charleston real estate market is active and ready for investment! However, purchasing real estate isn’t as simple as buying a coffee. Banks, lenders, realtors, home inspectors, and more contribute to the property buying and selling process. And in South Carolina, attorneys are a part of that process too! Hire a reliable real estate law firm for Sulivan’s Island SC to ensure your property transaction clears all legal hurdles. Call Buxton & Collie, LLC today.

What Can an Attorney Do?

Buxton & Collie’s real estate lawyers have the knowledge and experience to manage any property sale throughout South Carolina. From implementing title searches to helping draft lease agreements, our team is ready to assist at every step of the sales process.

  • Title Examination – Problems can exist for the property you wish to buy or sell, unbeknownst to you. Having our attorneys examine your property title can uncover issues such as property liens, back taxes, undisclosed easements, boundary disputes, and more. If such problems exist, Buxton & Collie will work diligently to resolve them before agreements are finalized.
  • Title Insurance – Not only can title insurance protect you from the fallout of title discrepancies, but it protects the banks and lenders helping you invest. Often, you require title insurance for loan consideration. Allow Buxton & Collie to connect you with the Chicago Title Insurance Company, bringing you access to coverage not readily available to others.
  • Document Preparation – There are numerous legal documents and paperwork associated with a property transaction. And for commercial real estate sales, it’s imperative to ensure agreements are written and completed correctly. Thus, our attorneys examine and explain all documents, ensuring to meet all terms, and that an agreement makes legal sense.
  • Commercial Real Estate – Business property transactions are more complicated than any residential real estate sale. As already mentioned, significantly more legal work is necessary for finalizing commercial property agreements. Our real estate law firm for Sulivan’s Island SC represents landlords, tenants, and developers alike.
  • Closing – Per South Carolina real estate law, a closing attorney must be present at the closing of a property sale. Buxton & Collie assists with closing by acting as a third party to negotiations. We supply all paperwork, explain the contract terms, disperse funds, and keep official documentation for public record.
Attorneys at Buxton & Collie, a Real Estate Law Firm for Sulivan's Island SC

A Look at Additional Legal Services

Once you have your real estate sale squared away with the help of Buxton & Collie, allow us to provide a variety of additional legal services. Our attorneys specialize in law practices outside of real estate, including estate planning and business law. For estate planning, our team helps clients write wills, establish trusts, and begin implementing both when the time comes. Or, for business law, we’ve helped South Carolina companies with matters involving incorporation, mergers, corporate governance, and much more.

Begin with Buxton & Collie

To ensure the most complicated elements of your property sale are handled with care, get in touch with the go-to real estate law firm for Sulivan’s Island SC. Call the legal professionals at Buxton & Collie, LLC today. You can contact us at 843-606-2397 to learn more or request a consultation. Also, we are located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.