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Real Estate Transaction Attorney Charleston SC
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Count on Your Real Estate Transaction Attorney for Charleston SC

Are you looking to purchase a new home? Perhaps you’re discussing a lease agreement with potential new tenants for your commercial property. Overall, it can be a challenging task when tackling commercial or residential real estate in South Carolina. However, with help from a real estate transaction attorney for Charleston SC, the sale and purchase process are made easier. You can count on the professionals at Buxton & Collie, LLC to be your local real estate guides.

Residential Real Estate

Whether looking for your first or your hundredth home, real estate attorneys in South Carolina are a must. Your attorney’s job is to ensure a sale or purchase is safe for all parties and that a transaction is properly documented and legally binding. As such, for residential real estate transactions, we provide such services:

  • Title Searches and Insurance – We check a property title before purchase to ensure it’s free of problems such as unpaid property taxes or undisclosed liens. Also, to protect against future title issues and secure a loan, we can set you up with title insurance.
  • Contract Prep – Ensuring all the contract terms are clear and present is crucial to a successful sale. Thus, our team helps prepare all legal documentation associated with your transaction, checking for errors and eliminating vague language.
  • Final Closing – Per South Carolina law, an attorney must be present at the closing of your real estate transaction. Our team acts as an impartial third party, providing documents, distributing funds, and ensuring your sale is legally binding and properly recorded.

Commercial Real Estate

While much of the work we do for residential transactions is the same for commercial real estate, there are additional legal intricacies we must navigate. For example, our team of lawyers manages:

  • Commercial Leases – Preparing the language for leasing contracts should never be “boilerplate.” Instead, allow our attorneys to prepare a professional-drafted lease agreement. We make sure your lease agreement meets the needs of all involved parties using clear and concise language.
  • Zoning Laws – You might find the perfect piece of property for your business, but the zoning is for residential! For this scenario, and other issues related to zoning, an attorney can assist. We help you apply for variance applications, legally rezone a piece of property, understand local zoning ordinances, and more.
  • Additional Regulations – Commercial real estate sales must abide by numerous laws and regulations. If you run into said legal issues when negotiating the purchase, sale or rental of property, our real estate transaction attorney for Charleston SC can help guide you. Such issues include title defects, not meeting building code standards, fighting restrictive covenants, etc.
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Having a real estate transaction attorney for Charleston SC support your commercial and residential property purchases is crucial for a successful sale. To find the right attorneys suited for real estate law, call Buxton & Collie, LLC today. You can contact us at 843-606-2397 to request a consultation. Also, we are located at 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Ste 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.