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Identify Property Issues Before It’s Too Late: Hire a Title Attorney for Awendaw SC

On the surface, a real estate transaction can seem like a great deal or be precisely what you’re looking for. However, a bit of digging into the property’s history may uncover some issues that will cost you later down the line. And there’s no easy way to resolve these problems once the deed is in your hands. Thankfully, with a bit of investigative work from a title attorney for Awendaw SC, you can know the property’s history before purchase. Allow Buxton & Collie, LLC to lend a hand.

The Roles of Your Attorney

An attorney has many roles to play during your real estate transaction. From start to finish, Buxton & Collie works diligently to ensure your sale (whether buying or selling) is legally binding, error-free and without “surprises.”

  • Confirming Contracts
    • The documents and contracts associated with a real estate transaction can be confusing for most. Even for real estate agents, there are some complexities of a sale they sometimes don’t have the training or qualifications to handle. For these reasons, an attorney will review and edit your sale’s associated paperwork. We ensure the desires of each party are reflected in the contracts and make sense of legalese for those involved in the transaction.
  • Testing Titles
    • For every piece of property, there exists a title. The title is the primary documentation that enables the right to ownership of a property. So, when a piece of property is sold, you receive the title alongside the deed. However, a title can also include limitations placed on a property. Your title attorney for Awendaw SC can uncover said limitations. If there are liens or unpaid taxes in a title, you can either avoid purchase or work to resolve those issues ahead of time.
  • Overseeing the Sale
    • Finally, per South Carolina law, folks looking to buy or sell property are required to have an attorney present at the sale’s closing. Your real estate attorney acts as a third party between buyers, sellers, real estate agents, lenders and other involved parties. Buxton & Collie will perform final checks on all documentation, facilitate the exchange of deed and title, and ensure all parties are appropriately compensated as a part of the deal.
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Legal Assistance for Our Clients

Legal guidance for real estate sales or purchases is only part of what Buxton & Collie can provide our clients. We can help with preparations for your estate through wills, trusts, and more for families or individuals. And for local businesses, we assist with incorporation, mergers, corporate taxes, business contracts and much more. Whether looking for estate planning, business law or real estate law services, our team has the experience you require.

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