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What Are the Different Types of Commercial Real Estate Transactions?
What Are the Different Types of Commercial Real Estate Transactions?

What Are the Different Types of Commercial Real Estate Transactions?

Since opening, Buxton & Collie has helped clients structure purchase and sale agreements, form and organize new holding entities, examine title, coordinate land use planning concerns, examine regulatory issues related to the use and leasing of commercial real property, and many other related issues. Our attorneys represent owners, developers, and investors in all aspects of commercial acquisitions and sales, including but not limited to: mixed-use projects involving retail, office, restaurant and hospitality, medical and multi-family projects, compliance with applicable laws and ordinances, drafting of required legal documentation, as well as the drafting and review of leases for both landlords and tenants. 

Commercial Real Estate Transactions in South Carolina

Commercial real estate transactions often fall into one of three categories: 

  • Sales Transactions: Purchase and sale transactions are a common commercial real estate transaction type. In a Sales Transaction, the property owner, or seller, engages and negotiates in an arms-length transaction with a buyer for an agreed-upon price. Sales transactions can either be outright purchases or financed with a mortgage. These sales may also include a leaseback agreement, where the seller leases the property back from the buyer. 
  • Lease Transactions: In a Lease Transaction,  a commercial property owner will rent the premises or a portion of it to a tenant for an agreed-upon term at a negotiated rate. The tenant pays rent to the owner. Often, the landlord and the tenant share certain maintenance responsibilities, which will be negotiated during the lease review process. Lease transactions can vary in length of term, annual rental rates, maintenance obligations, renewals, and terminations, among other things. 
  • Development Transactions: Development transactions involve constructing new commercial real estate properties for lease or sale, or transitioning existing properties to a new use. Development transactions can be complex and involve various parties, including architects, engineers, contractors, lenders, and governmental bodies.

Each commercial real estate transaction is unique. Some are straightforward and others are more complex, involving various aspects of business law in conjunction with the real estate closing. Buxton & Collie, LLC has successfully represented clients in commercial real estate deals ranging from small purchases to multi-million dollar developments. Our attorneys enjoy getting to know each client and his or her business goals so that they can help achieve the desired outcome. If you are looking to make a commercial real estate purchase, engaging with an experienced real estate attorney is critical. 

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